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India’s nail care market is set for substantial growth until 2025, fueled by the increasing fashion and beauty consciousness among women, alongside a surge in nail bars and studios. The uptick in disposable income and the growing popularity of nail art and coordinated nail fashion are driving market expansion, with these trends anticipated to sustain growth through 2025.
Experience a realm where nail care and design redefine beauty standards. Our specialized courses are intricately crafted to empower budding nail artists with in-depth knowledge, spanning from the basics of nail anatomy to the mastery of advanced nail art techniques. Embark on a transformative journey to enhance your skills, bolster your confidence, and unlock a plethora of career prospects in the dynamic nail industry.


Certificate Course in Nail Craft


1 Month

This course lays the foundation for aspiring nail technicians, focusing on essential techniques and knowledge to start your career.

What You'll Learn


Certificate Course in Advanced Nail Craft


2 Months

Build upon your foundational skills with advanced techniques and knowledge, preparing you for a specialized career in nail artistry.

What You'll Learn

Career Options


Career Advancement



Sales Professional

Consultant in Beauty Brands

Work Abroad

Managerial Positions in Salons


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At Bodycraft Academy, we're dedicated to your growth and success in the nail industry. Our courses are designed to not just teach, but to inspire and prepare you for a rewarding career. With our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced instructors, we provide an environment where creativity meets expertise.