Bodycraft Sassoon School Program

Bodycraft Academy is the ONLY Sassoon Academy School Connection in India. Experience the Bodycraft advantage with a world-class faculty, a curriculum that is in keeping with international standards and placement assistance upon finishing the course. You will be a professional Hair Stylist on completing the Sassoon Hair Programs at Bodycraft Academy.

We Train You In

  • The Hair Theory & Global Hair Structure
  • Hair Pigmentation
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Face Shapes
  • Sassoon’s ABC Haircut 
  • Global Color
  • Root Touch Up
  • Hair Up Do’s
  • Sasoon’s Hair Colour Methodology
  • Hair Spa and Hair Smoothening
  • Salon Retail, Salon Management & Client Consultation
  • Trend & Inspiration

An Overview

The 24-week Bodycraft Sassoon School Program is conducted in association with the SASC School Program. This is an intensive, holistic program where the student will be trained not only on the 10 Sassoon ABC Hair Cut techniques and 9 Color Techniques but also on how to practice hair spa, hair smoothening, product knowledge, salon retail & salon management.

This is a holistic course that is ideal not only for beginners but for anyone wishing to start a salon of their own. Curated by the iconic Sassoon Academy, this course gives you access to digital manuals and courseware from their official platform. Upon completion, you also receive a globally recognised certification from Sassoon Academy.

Diploma in ABC Cut & Hair Color from the Sassoon Academy  Certification in Hair Color & Hair Smoothening from Wella  Certification from GK in Semi-permanent smoothening

How We Teach

We teach Vidal Sasson’s hair cutting techniques through a holistic and interactive teaching approach that is easily understood by all. We cover both theoretical as well as visual aspects of the course through video presentations, live demonstrations, theory with head sheet diagrams and practicals on live models. This course also includes special training by the trainers from Wella and GK.

What We Teach

Sassoon ABC haircut methodology, Root Touch-up & Hair spa techniques, Mens barbering, Hair Up do’s,  semi permanent coloration, Demi permanent co;oration, Depth & Tone, Colour Theory, Root Colour Application, Highlights, Straightening, Texture Transformation, Client Consultation, Salon Retail.

In the Bodycraft Sassoon school Program, we teach theoretical knowledge of hair theory, hair growth texture & porosity, hair pigmentation, global hair structure, fringes and curly hair, tools and equipment, face shapes, areas of the head and many more.

In addition to the ABC Cutting techniques, our practical exercises and classes cover the art of scalp massaging techniques, shampoo & conditioning, partings, essential drying techniques, hair updos and hair spa. This course also teaches how to ace the art of semi-permanent colouration, hair depth and tone, colour theory, root colour application, highlights, balayage, ombre, semi-permanent and permanent smoothening and texture transformation.

Personal Conduct is a very important part of a career in the beauty industry. The training for this will include guidance and practice on personal appearance, communication, body language, client consultation, salon retail, salon management and health and safety in the salon.

Course Introduction

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Meet The Trainer

Santhosh Muniraju

Bodycraft’s Creative Salon Director, Santhosh Muniraju holds over 18 years of experience in the hairdressing industry. He was trained by the Jawed Habib Academy.

Rebecca Awantaye

Our Salon Director since 2019, Rebecca Awantaye was trained at BBlunt Academy in her early years. She is passionate about hairdressing and is extremely fascinated by how hair can make or break an entire look.

Abhinoy Sharma

An integral part of Bodycraft since its inception, Abhinoy Sharma is our Senior Creative Consultant and Trainer. He is a certified SASC trainer.


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The Sassoon Academy

School Connect

Learning from an academy with the Sassoon Academy School Connection is a great opportunity to gain recognition in your career as a Hair Stylist. There is only going up from here.
Since 2016, Bodycraft Academy is the only school in India that has partnered with the renowned British hairstyling brand, the Sassoon Academy. Our instructors – who are trained directly by professionals from the Sassoon Academy – offer immersive industry knowledge, including access to the Sassoon Academy’s exclusive ABC Cut and Colour techniques.

Making Hairstyling & Beauty Training More Accessible


  1. We are India’s only Sassoon Academy School Connection partner
  2. 100% of our students get placements
  3. Get the advantage of a higher pay package
  4. Intern at Bodycraft and work with experts
  5. Be a part of in-depth practical sessions
  6. Get a complimentary student kit


How can we help you?

The Sassoon Academy School Connection allows its member schools to provide students training in their exclusive cut & colour methodology.

Training from the Sassoon Academy is globally recognised as the ultimate in hairdressing education, providing you with a passport to a successful career in the international world of hair styling.


The Sassoon curated courses are internationally recognised and provide a solid foundation in order to enter this industry. The courses also teach valuable techniques that are unique to the Sassoon Academy.

In comparison, normal hairdresser courses may not be internationally recognised or have international accreditation.

The short-term course will be 16 weeks and the long-term course will be 24 weeks. 


  1. There are 4 hair courses at Bodycraft Academy. Click on any of the below to know the details. 

The Sassoon Comprehensive Cut Program 

Bodycraft Sassoon School Program

Sassoon Men’s Barbering 

Advance Hair Updo

Please get in touch with us on 76250 62130 / 99000 16756 or email us at You can even message us on our Instagram page, @bodycraftacademy or Whatsapp us at 81974 19333

On course completion, you can join any leading salon as a hairdresser or even start a salon of your own.

The salary would be as per the standards of that particular company.

No prior experience or qualification is required. You only need to be over 18 years of age. Even professional hair stylists can join this course to advance their knowledge & skills.

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