Do-It-Yourself Basic Makeup Course

Makeup tutorials on social media can only get you so far, so unlock your creative potential and learn the art of enhancing natural beauty with Bodycraft Academy’s Basic Makeup course in Bangalore. As India’s only Sassoon Academy School Connect, our comprehensive program is designed to provide you with the essential skills and techniques needed to excel in the makeup industry. Join us now and start your journey to become a confident makeup artist.

Get Hands-on Beginners Makeup Training in:

  • Basics of Skincare, Product and Brush Knowledge
  • Application Techniques: Foundation, Highlight and Contour, Concealer, Blush, Eye Makeup, Lip Makeup and Basic Hairstyling
  • Training in any 2 makeup looks

Do-It-Yourself Makeup Course Duration and Eligibility

Putting on makeup can be intimidating with the variety of products and methods we have today. Our 2-day Do-it-Yourself Makeup course certification is designed to make the process as simple as possible by teaching you how to look your best, giving a boost to your self-confidence.

This makeup course for beginners offers its students a customised curriculum based on client requirements. It ensures that every student gets individual attention and training with flexible timings with an opportunity to qualify for an internship after the course. You can choose to be a part of the weekday batch or the weekend batch. Classes for our basic DIY Makeup course are available in multiple locations across Bangalore, so you can visit the one most feasible for you

2-Day Course Completion Certificate from Bodycraft Academy

How We Teach

The DIY make-up course is delivered one-on-one and has a good balance of basic theory sessions, demonstrations of techniques and tools, along with practical classes where the student is taught 2 make-up looks.

What We Teach

If you want to learn the basics of makeup, the DIY Makeup course teaches you how to identify your own face shape and skin type. The student will also get a comprehensive understanding of the theory of basic colour, wheel idea, skin care (CTMP) and nail care. Our instructors also make the students familiar with makeup products and brush types before diving into the practical classes.

As a student of this DIY makeup course, you will learn the application techniques for foundation, blush, compact, highlighting, contouring, mascara, eyeliner and concealing and correction. You will also learn the process of applying eye and lip makeup.

In addition to specific makeup application techniques, we also provide some expert tips on how to be a makeup artist, if you want to pursue makeup artistry further and train you in basic hairstyling with the relevant tools and equipment. You also learn how to apply 2 complete makeup looks – a day and an evening look.

Course Introduction

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Meet The Trainer

Dawn Tobin

Our Professional Makeup Artist Trainer, Dawn Tobin started her makeup career in 2013. Trained at Bharat N Dorris, she has since spent her years working extensively with celebrities, designers and advertising agencies.


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The Sassoon Academy

School Connect

Learning from an academy with the Sassoon Academy School Connection is a great opportunity to gain recognition in your career as a Hair Stylist. There is only going up from here.
Since 2016, Bodycraft Academy is the only school in India that has partnered with the renowned British hairstyling brand, the Sassoon Academy. Our instructors – who are trained directly by professionals from the Sassoon Academy – offer immersive industry knowledge, including access to the Sassoon Academy’s exclusive ABC Cut and Colour techniques.

Making Hairstyling & Beauty Training More Accessible

  1. The course offers in-depth practical sessions
  2. Receive individual training from instructors
  3. The offers flexible timings
  4. You can choose between weekday or weekend classes
  5. Classes are available in multiple locations across Bangalore


How can we help you?

Yes, anyone above 18 years of age can be a part of this course.

No, there are no prerequisites for enrolling in the course.

The makeup course is an offline course where you are required to be physically present in class with individual attention given to every student.

You will receive an IAO-accredited Certificate in Professional Makeup Application from Bodycraft Academy.

You will receive an IAO-accredited Certificate in Professional Makeup Application from Bodycraft Academy.

Get in touch with the Bodycraft Academy team who will help you with the fees for the Advanced Makeup Artistry Course in Bangalore.

Yes, Bodycraft Academy will provide placements after the completion of the course.

The salary of a makeup artist in India can go upto 8 lakhs per annum.

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