Cosmetology Course in Bangalore

Cosmetology is a course perfectly crafted for those who want to be an expert in the field of beauty and wellness. The curriculum encompasses theory & practical sessions on Hairdressing, Skincare, Nail extensions & nail art along with Makeup artistry.

We Train You In

  • Extensive skin knowledge, this includes anatomy, physiology, function, types and analysis of skin
  • Threading, bleaching, waxing, along with theory and demo in manicure, pedicure and facials
  • Communication and consultation along with safety and hygiene

An Overview

The Express Skin Program is a 6-week course that is ideal for beginners who wish to join the beauty industry as a therapist. In this skincare course, the student will learn basic facial, bleaching, waxing, threading, manicure and pedicure.

This course provides a good foundation in the basics of skincare and select skin-related services. This is an ideal short-term course for anyone aspiring to be a skin therapist.

IAO accredited certificate from Bodycraft Academy

How We Teach

The skin course is delivered in a good balance of theory sessions, demonstrations of techniques and tools, along with practical classes where students practice what has been taught under the guidance of our trainers.

What We Teach

Hair Theory, Hair growth, Texture & Porosity, Hair Pigmentation, Global Hair structure, Scalp massaging techniques, Shampoo & Conditioning, Tools & Equipments, Face shape, Areas of head, Partings, Essential Drying techniques, Sassoon ABC Cuts, Global Color, Root touchup, Personal appearance, Body language, Client consultation, Salon Retail.

The Express Skin Program starts with the introduction to skin, its layers, anatomy and physiology. The classes also take the student through the technicalities of the types of skin, PH levels, lymphatic system, skin disorders and skin analysis.

The practical sessions train the students in threading, bleaching, waxing, massage, manicure and eyebrow shaping. All these practical sessions are complemented by theory classes for the same. 

To enable 360° growth and learning, this course also builds the necessary communication consultation and assessment skills in a student.

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The Sassoon Academy

School Connect

Learning from an academy with the Sassoon Academy School Connection is a great opportunity to gain recognition in your career as a Hair Stylist. There is only going up from here.
Since 2016, Bodycraft Academy is the only school in India that has partnered with the renowned British hairstyling brand, the Sassoon Academy. Our instructors – who are trained directly by professionals from the Sassoon Academy – offer immersive industry knowledge, including access to the Sassoon Academy’s exclusive ABC Cut and Colour techniques.

Making Hairstyling & Beauty Training More Accessible

  1. We are India’s only Sassoon Academy School Connection partner
  2. 100% of our students get placements
  3. Get the advantage of a higher pay package
  4. Intern at Bodycraft and work with experts
  5. Be a part of in-depth practical sessions
  6. Get a complimentary student kit


How can we help you?

Anyone who aspires to start their own salon or wishes to be an expert in all the verticals of beauty & wellness, namely, hairdressing, skincare, nail care & make-up artistry, can join this course.

This is a holistic course that covers all the verticals of the beauty & wellness industry. The student also has the benefit of receiving training & knowledge from the respective industry experts as well. You will also be set apart from the crowd with the added bonus of a hairstyling certification from the respected Sassoon Academy, through the Sassoon Academy School Connection.

Yes, the fees can be paid in predefined instalments.

No prior experience or qualification is required. Anyone above the age of 18 can join. Even people who have prior experience in the beauty & wellness industry can join to upgrade their skills & expand their knowledge with this advance cosmetology course in Bangalore.

On successful completion of the Beginners Cosmetology course in Bangalore you will receive an IAO accredited certificate from Bodycraft Academy and a hairstyling certificate from the Sassoon Academy.

The Advance Cosmetology course arms you with an IAO accredited certificate from Bodycraft Academy along with a certificate in Hairstyling from the Sassoon Academy.

No, there is no short-term version of this course.

On applying for the cosmetology course, you will have to complete training in all 4 verticals. If you would like to choose you can go for the individual courses which will have their own fees. You can discuss further from contact details below.

Beginners CosmetologyMonday to Friday, 10:00am to 5:00pm32 weeks
Advance CosmetologyMonday to Friday, 10:00am to 5:00pm56 weeks

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